Titan OEM FormulasTitan OEM Formulas Lubrication Products

Inventory Express is proud to carry the extensive selection of products from Titan OEM Formulas. Titam OEM is the leading provider of Original Equipment Manufacturer products and have the stamp of approval from some of the world’s leading manufacturing facilities.

Over Six Decades of Professional Grade Formulas

Titan OEM formulas are part of the Shrader Canada family; a company that has over sixty years of industry excellence providing some of the most trusted products in the industry. Their products are sold in over 26 countries and they are the proud recipient of some of the most prestigious awards available.

Titan products are a trusted and reliable choice for service technicians and installers. They have been providing the industry’s leading OEM products including chemical cleaners, lubricants and performance enhancing formulas. Their customers know and trust the products and understand that all of their solutions are backed by three decades of testing, development and innovation.

High-Quality and Trusted Products

Titan products are trusted and given the stamp of approval by some of the world’s leading OEM’s. Their formulas endure rigorous industry testing and are given top professional grade time and time again. Industry leaders trust the exceptionally high-quality products delivered by OEM formulas and continue to rely on their highly engineered products.

Industry-Trusted Product Line

Titan OEM Formulas offer a large selection of products to meet the unique needs of each industry. Their product line is extensive and includes products such as:

  • Chemicals and cleaners
  • Cooling system service
  • Leather, vinyl and detailing products
  • Diesel fluids and additives
  • Engines flushes
  • Fuel stabilizers, cleaners and treatments
  • Lubrication greases
  • Lubrications fluids and sprays
  • Service kits
  • Industrial grade cleaning products

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