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Inventory Express: Industrial Oils & Lubricants

Industrial Lubricant Distributor & Bulk Oil Delivery

Inventory Express will save your company money on a continual basis

Experts in oils & lubricants, Inventory Express has over 25 years of experience providing bulk oils and lubricant delivery in and around Southwestern Ontario including Windsor, Kingsville, Essex, Strathroy, Walkerton, Hanover, London and Sarnia. You can rely on Inventory Express to deliver on-time with fast and friendly service. Customers can also expect to receive 100% free delivery on industrial lubricants & oil orders throughout South-Western Ontario.


Trusted Oil & Lubricant Brands by Inventory Express

Inventory Express Bulk Oil Delivery - Free Delivery in Southwestern/ Midwestern Ontario

 Experts in Bulk Oils and Lubricant Delivery

At Inventory Express, we are committed to proving the highest level of customer service that our customers can rely on. Our full-service deliveries ensure that the oil and lubrication products you need are delivered on-site when you need them most.

Our trusted lubrication services and expert staff mean Inventory Express is your one-stop-shop for all your lubrication needs. Whatever the product may be, you can trust that we have it in stock. Whether it be base oils, engine oils, motor oils or other lubrication products, we carry an extensive selection of trusted brands from top industrial lubricants & oil suppliers.

Committed to Serving Multiple Industries Across Southwestern Ontario

Inventory Express has the know-how and experience to serve you best; we work with a number of industries including farming, construction, automotive and industrial and we understand the unique requirements of each industry. We are also happy to provide a number of different oil and lubricant sizing and packaging options that work best for your business, including jugs, pails, drums and bulk sizing. The team at Inventory Express are experts in oil and lubrication and can provide valuable information and insights specific to your business needs.

For fast and reliable bulk oil and lubrication delivery in Southwestern Ontario, trust the team of professionals at Inventory Express. They will get you the products you need to get the job done and keep things running smoothly.  Contact us today at 1-866-988-5037 to get started.