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/Automotive Oil and Industrial Lubricant Suppliers

Oil and Lubricant Suppliers You Know and Trust

At Inventory Express, we serve Mid and Southwestern Ontario’s oil and lubrication needs and provide exceptional lubrication products to business throughout the region, including Hamilton, London, Windsor, Niagara and surrounding communities. We carry a complete line of industrial fluids and lubrication products from a variety of industry brands that you know and trust.

Whether it be automotive oils, industrial-grade lubricants or accessories such as filters and greases for the construction, commercial, industrial, or farming sector, Inventory Express has a selection of products to meet the unique needs of every business. We also offer convenient packaging options and bulk quantities of oil products.

Peak Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Peak synthetic, conventional and high mileage motor oils; as well as Peak antifreeze, coolants and functional fluids.

Peak Website

Clearplus Windshield Wipers - Inventory Express


ClearPlus windshield wiper blades, including conventional blades, hybrids, rear and winter blades.

Clearplus Website

Amsoil Motor Oil - Inventory Express


AMSOIL motor oils for diesel, gas-powered, racing and marine vehicles, as well as filters, fluids and additives.

Amsoil Website

Vibra-Tite Lubricants - Inventory Express


Vibra-Tite threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds, adhesives, anti-seize compounds and more.

Vibra-Tite Website

Purolator Filters - Inventory Express


Trusted oil filters, air filters, cabin air filters and fuel filters from Purolator.

Purolator Website

Kendall Motor Oil - Inventory Express

Kendall Motor Oil

Kendall motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, greases, gear oils and oil additives.

Kendall Website

Castrol Motor Oil - Inventory Express

Castrol Moto Oils

Castrol motor oils and lubricants, including conventional, fully-synthetic and industrial oils.

Castrol Website

Pennzoil Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Pennzoil fully synthetic motor oils, blends and conventional motor oils, automotive filter, oils and fluids.

Pennzoil Website

Shell Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Shell motor and engine oils, lubricants, as well as industrial oils for manufacturing, agriculture, and more.

Shell Website

Quaker State Motor Oil - Inventory Express

Quaker State

Quaker State quality engine oils, lubricants, filters and fluids.

Quaker State Site

Valvoline Lubricants - Inventory Express


Valvoline motor oils, gears and greases, transmission fluids as well as antifreeze and transmission fluids.

Valvoline Website

Mobil/Esso Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Mobil heavy-duty engine oils, premium motor oils, filters, transmissions fluids, lubricants and greases.

Mobil Website

Cam2 Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Cam2 commercial and automotive oils, 2 and 4 stroke engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases and specialty fluids.

Cam2 Website

WD-40 Lubricants - Inventory Express


WD-40 rust removers, lubricants, penetrating oils, cleaners, and rust protection fluids.

WD-40 Website

Oil Dri Absorbents - Inventory Express


Oil-Dri spill kits, absorbent pads, rolls and sweeping compounds.

Oil Dri Website

Petro-Canada Lubricants and Fuel - Inventory Express

Petro Canada

Petro-Canada lubricants, specialty industrial fluids, greases, hydraulic and synthetic oils and more.

Petro-Canada Site

Hall-Chem Motor Oil - Inventory Express


Hall-Chem antifreeze, coolants, spetrol oils, motor oils, fluids and solvents.

Hall-Chem Site

Baldwin Filters Oil Filters - Inventory Express

Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters heavy-duty air, coolant, transmission, lubricant, cabin air, and hydraulic filters.

Baldwin Filters Site

Lubriplate Lubricants - Inventory Express


Lubriplate automotive lubricants, compressor fluids, environmentally-responsible fluids, food-grade lubricants and more.

Lubriplate Website

Fluid Film Anti-Corrosion - Inventory Express


Fluid-Film rust inhibitor sprays, anti-corrosive sprays, wire-rope coatings, and more.

Fluid-Film Website

Titan Industrial Lubricants - Inventory Express

Titan Lubrication

Titan lubrication products, including corrosion protection sprays, spray lubricants, engine oils, greases and cleaners.

Titan Website

Tuxton Lubricants - Inventory Express


Tuxton specialty engine oils, gears lubricants, fluids, transmission oils, hydraulic fluids and more.

Tuxton Website

Dominion Sure Seal Automotive Products - Inventory Express


Dominion Sure Seal sprayable windshield sealants, solvents, undercoating and anti-corrosives.

Dominion Website

Total Lubricants - Inventory Express


Total automotive and industrial oils and lubricants, as well as specialty fluids.

Total Website

Dura Shield Rust Protection

Dura Shield

Dura Shield paint protective film, waterproofing and liquid glass protection products.

Dura Shield Website

Sprayon Lubricants


Sprayon high-performance lubricants, greases, degreasers and cleaners.

Sprayon Website

Irving Oil

Irving Oil

Irving Oil motor oils, transmission oils, and industrial lubricants.

Irving Oil Website

Oil and Lubrication Products for Automotive, Farming, Industrial and Construction

We understand that the oil and lubrication needs may differ from business to business. That’s why we continue to carry a large selection of lubrication products and brands from our trusted fluid suppliers in order to best suit your specific business needs.

Inventory Express Can Help Choose the Right Product for You

With over 25 years of experience, you can count on our expert team of oil and lubrication professionals to help find the right product for you. For a complete listing of our available products, please visit our Oils and Lubricants   Product page.