Oil sample testing and analysis

Getting regular oil changes is the single most important maintenance task for many types of heavy equipment. But what if you could wait a little longer, save a little money, and then make that oil change interval a matter of policy? Over time, you could save thousands, maybe even more!

But how to determine the optimal oil change interval and obtain optimal ROI? One way to achieve this is through specialized lubricant testing, available to our customers using Irving Oil products. However, finding the most cost-effective change interval is just the start of the benefits of oil testing.

How it Works with Inventory Express

You send us a small sample of the oil you are using. Once we receive it, the sample is subject to Irving Oil’s proprietary testing process which identifies impurities, and oil life expectancy under specific work loads, and show the stage of life/use that it is in. Once your analysis is complete, you will know everything you need to know about your current industrial lubricant. Currently, this service is only available to those using Irving Oil products.

The Benefits of Oil Analysis

Getting regular oil analysis is a great way to determine the condition of your machine lubricant, discover the optimum change interval, get the maximum life out of it, and obtain maximum equipment protection.

Improve Equipment Reliability

Use your equipment in the best way possible by understanding the properties and life expectancy of your industrial lubricant.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Maximize the value of your heavy equipment investments by getting all the value they are designed to provide.

Get the Most out of Your Lubricant

Avoid burning through your oil prematurely and use it right up to the point when it needs to be replaced to save time and money.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Every piece of heavy equipment will spend time offline. Making the most of your industrial lubricant is the best way to mitigate and limit downtime.

Choose a more Beneficial Lubricant

If the analysis finds that you are not using the best lubricant for your equipment, we can help by recommending a different one.

Get the Most Out of Your Oil with Inventory Express

Get in touch today to learn more and find out how Inventory Express can help you get the most out of your oil.