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Heavy-Duty Industrial Lubricants for Delivery in Southwestern Ontario
Inventory Express is proud to be the leading supplier of industrial and heavy-duty oil and lubrication products for Ontario’s industrial businesses. We carry the region’s largest selection of high-performance lubrication products designed uniquely to maintain the industrial machinery and equipment for industries such as:

  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Mining
  • Steel production and processing
  • Chemical processing and manufacturing

Oil and Lubricants for Heavy-Duty Industrial Businesses

Working conditions in heavy-duty industrial sectors can be tough on industrial machinery and equipment. Frequent maintenance and upkeep is essential to keep these industrial machines up and running to keep up with production demand.

At Inventory Express, we proudly stock and deliver high-quality heavy-duty lubricants that keep your machinery running smoothly – no matter the conditions. Our extensive heavy duty industrial oil and lubrication inventory include:

Delivery of Bulk Industrial Oils and Lubricants

Heavy-duty and industrial businesses require prompt and reliable delivery of industrial oils and lubrication to keep up with production needs. If a piece of machinery is left unserved and waiting for heavy-duty lubricants, it can cause delays in business production and a loss in profit.

That’s why Inventory Express proudly provides prompt and reliable delivery of bulk industrial oil and lubrication products to heavy-duty industrial sectors throughout Southwestern Ontario. We also offer a wide range of packaging and sizing options to suit the unique needs of our clients – from oil drums, canisters, jugs and more.

Superior Heavy-Duty Lubrication Products

We take great pride in delivering exceptional heavy-duty industrial lubricants and delivering superior customer service to our industrial clients throughout Southwestern Ontario – including London, Windsor , Hamilton, Niagara, St. Catharines, Chatham and beyond. We are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction for each of our valued clients and ensuring that they always have the necessary products on hand when needed.

For more information or to schedule your heavy-duty industrial lubrication delivery, get in touch with the team at Inventory Express today.