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As the owner or manager of a construction company, you understand the importance of keeping your equipment up and running at all times. Lubrication products play a key role in making sure your construction equipment and machinery keeps running smoothly, often under extreme conditions.

Industry Express understands the importance of having the right oil and lubricants at the right time for any construction business. We are the premier bulk oil delivery service in southwestern Ontario, providing prompt and friendly onsite delivery of oil & lubricants for construction companies of all sizes.

Oil and Lubricants to Keep Your Construction Equipment Running Smoothly

If your construction equipment isn’t working right, your business suffers. Construction machinery typically takes a beating, both on the job site and during off-hours when it often sits on-site, exposed to weather conditions and the elements. High-quality oil and lubrication products deliver a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and operational capacity of your excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders, dozers, scrapers, and haul trucks.

Our products help you keep your heavy equipment in top shape, allowing you to improve both on-the-job performance and the longevity of your construction machinery’s engines and moving parts while protecting from the elements.

Bulk Oil and Lubrication for Your Construction Business

With a wide variety of equipment you need, maintaining your construction business requires a wide selection of oil and lubrication products. That’s why Inventory Express carries a full range of high-quality construction lubrication and oil products from the brand names you trust. Including:

You can enjoy our rapid delivery of bulk oils and lubricants for the construction fleet, and rest assured that we carry the products you need. Our vast inventory includes:

We take pride in delivering exceptional construction lubricants and superior customer service to small, mid-sized and large companies throughout London Ontario and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to complete satisfaction for each of our valued customers, ensuring that you always have the products you need, exactly when you need them.

The Importance of Lubrication for Construction Equipment

It is essential that your construction equipment can withstand severe conditions. Selecting the proper lubrication product to prevent your construction machinery from breaking down. Our construction lubricants make sure you can rely on your equipment to be both effective and efficient.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Construction Lubricants

  1. Viscosity

    Construction oils and lubricants vary in viscosity grades classified by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Different viscosity grades will perform differently in certain temperatures. Be sure to select the appropriate viscosity grade of oil for your climate and season.

  2. Oxidation and Corrosion

    It is important to consider the construction lubricant’s resistance to oxidation. If your lubricants are exposed to oxygen for prolonged periods they may be at risk for oxidation resulting in increased oil viscosity, corrosive acids, and sludge.

  3. Consult the OEM Generic Lubrication Specifications

    For your construction business to operate like a well-oiled machine, you must select the appropriate oils and lubricants for your equipment. When this becomes difficult be sure to consult the OEM generic lubrication specialist or contact the specialists at Inventory express to find the perfect construction lubrication for your needs.

Delivering Top-Notch Oil & Lubricants for 25+ Years

For more than two decades, Inventory Express has served construction businesses throughout southwestern Ontario, including London, Kingsville, Windsor, Hanover, Sarnia, Essex, Walkerton, and more. Look to us for bulk delivery of the most trusted brands in the industry, from Kendall and Shell to Peak and Quaker State.

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