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As a farmer, any time you have downtime that isn’t planned, you lose productivity and money. Understanding the costs of good lubrication versus downtime will help you plan the most efficient way to keep your agricultural machinery running properly so it will be there when you need it. At Inventory Express, we understand that proper maintenance is needed to protect all of your farm equipment.

Lubricants for Agriculture Equipment

The climate and elements are very hard on equipment. From starting cold engines in the morning to scorching heat later in the day, your agricultural machinery needs the best lubricants to stay protected. Dirt, dust, and water can also cause premature failure of parts and long-term damage if left untreated. It’s important that your farm machinery oils & lubricants are of the highest quality to keep you in the field working, instead of waiting for repairs.

At Inventory Express, we deliver quality lubricants that keep your agricultural machinery running properly in all conditions. We know just how big of an investment your farm equipment is and how important it is to keep it running right for years to come. Trust Inventory Express to delivery your oil and lubrication products right when you need them most.

Farm Equipment Engines Need Special Attention

The engines of your farm equipment operate under heavy loads most of the time. Our lubricants for the agricultural industry will keep them protected through the worse environments, from freezing weather to the heat of summer. This will save you from costly repairs and downtime.

Transmissions for Agriculture Equipment

The new transmissions of today require special care and we provide the special oils designed just for these types of transmissions. Failure to use the right type of lubricants can ruin an expensive piece of farm equipment that should be out working in the field. Hydraulic hoses for running attachments also require special lubricants to keep them running smoothly.

Farm Equipment Oils & Lubricants

We carry the right lubricants for agricultural equipment, engines, transmissions, hydraulics, and different types of grease that are impervious to water and dirt. Brakes also need a special fluid to keep them from overheating. At Inventory Express, we carry high quality lubricants to fit all your agriculture and farming needs and will deliver to your farm when you need it most. All Inventory Express lubrication products are warranty approved – we got you covered!

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