Understanding Chain Lube

Chain lube or grease is an essential product that protects chains and promotes their longevity. A chain is an entire system of journal bearings and linkages. As a chain rotates, it transfers both force and motion between numerous components.

Chain grease is a product that provides lubrication for the bearings and linkages of chains, protecting them from the damaging effects of friction. Additionally, chain grease promotes thermal stability within chains, preventing unnecessary damage from excess heat. The water-repellent properties of chain grease also prevent rust from forming on chains and damage from being caused by oxidation.

The Advantages of Using Chain Lube

Chain Lube Decreases Wear and Tear

One of the biggest advantages that chain grease provides for chains is decreasing the amount of wear that the chains have to undergo. By reducing friction, heat, and corrosion in chains, chain grease prevents a few of the common ways that chains typically fail. Chain grease, itself, has many resistant properties, allowing it to be used under a variety of conditions.

Chain Lube Polishes and Cleans

Chain grease also polishes chains and keeps chains clean as it interacts with the components of chains. The grease collects and flushes debris out from chains, ultimately keeping the chains clean. 

Industrial Usage

Chain grease can be used by any industry that uses chain-equipped machinery. In fact, as a preventative measure, chain grease should be used by any organization that depends on chain-driven machinery for their routine operations. This lubricant maintains and extends the lifespans chains, ultimately allowing businesses to save money on repair costs and equipment costs. Depending on the specific application, applying chain grease is not an overly-difficult task and provides many long-lasting benefits.

Titan and Emzone Lubricant

Titan and Emzone has a dependable lubricant solution that protects chains in a variety of ways. The lubricant has great penetration, allowing it to spread deep into a chain and lubricate more parts of the chain. Additionally, the Titan and Emzone lubricant provides protection from corrosion. 

The Titan and Emzone lubricant has excellent physical properties. The lubricant is able to remain functional in extreme weather conditions, whether hot or cold. The lubricant also has great adhesion properties, meaning that it will stay on chains longer and remain effective for longer as well.

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