Oil and Lubricant Delivery Services to Stratford and Surrounding Areas

For reliable oil and lubricant delivery services in Stratford, trust the team at Inventory Express to deliver quality products – on time. Inventory Express has been delivering oil and lubrication products to Stratford businesses for over 25 years. Our exceptional customer service, paired with our wide range of products from industry-leading brands, makes Inventory Express the ideal choice when sourcing bulk industrial oils.

We proudly serve businesses in and around the Stratford area, including communities such as:

  • Tavistock
  • Saint Marys
  • Mitchell
  • Milverton
  • Sebringville
  • Shakespeare

Quality Lubrication Products and Bulk Oils for Stratford Businesses

Stratford and its surrounding towns and cities are comprised of businesses of all kinds. Of course, known for its robust arts and culture scene, Stratford is also home to businesses from a number of different sectors, including manufacturing, agricultural, advanced manufacturing, and health and sciences.

At Inventory Express, we deliver quality lubrication products that are especially suited for the needs of each of Stratford’s business-types. We carry products from leading lubrication suppliers, as well as niche products for specific equipment and business needs.

Additionally, we offer our customers customization options. We provide bulk quantities and packaging alternatives so you can choose the right quantity and packaging best suited for your business needs. From drums, pails, jugs and canisters, you can choose the right quantities so you can ensure you always have the right products on hand to get the job done.

Industry-Trusted Lubricant Delivery in Stratford

With over 25 years of experience providing high-quality oil and lubricant delivery services to Stratford, Ontario businesses, you can trust that Inventory Express has the products you need to keep your engines running smoothly.

For more information about our bulk oil delivery services in and around Stratford, Ontario, or product and inventory information, contact our team at 1–866-988-5037.