Battery Cleaning Supplies

Inventory Express supplies and delivers all the tools required to clean your automotive, machine or industrial batteries in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara. We have battery terminal cleaners, petroleum gel, brushes and other specialty battery cleaning products to ensure you get continuous peak performance out of your battery and that will also increase its life span.

How to clean and protect your battery with Inventory Express’ Products

A corroded battery terminal or clamp can reduce the performance of your battery to the point where your machine may no longer start. Cleaning and maintaining your batteries is essential to their upkeep. The first step to cleaning your battery is to disconnect any clamps from the battery terminals and use battery cleaning spray and a stiff brush to scrub off corrosion from the terminals and connecting wires. After the corrosion has been removed, apply petroleum jelly or battery terminal protector to safeguard and extend the life of your battery.

For a full inventory of our battery cleaning products as well as expert advice on the supplies you will need for your project, please call us at: 519-473-5037.

In addition to battery cleaning products, Inventory Express stocks a wide range of machine and vehicle lubricants, oils and accessories.

Why Choose Inventory Express?

Ordering with Inventory Express can save your company money! Never worry about running out of lubricants or other industrial products again. Schedule your shipments with us to take the headache out of ordering directly from manufacturers.

Browse our full product list and then contact us to place your order. We take the hassle out of your vehicle lubrication supply needs!

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