Brake Fluid

At Inventory Express, we know how important it is to make your engines run smoothly. This is why we’re Ontario’s top supplier of industrial lubricants and oils. One of our best-selling products is brake fluid.

Our centrally located warehouse in London, Ontario has a wide range of brands and types of brake fluids available for you to better serve your own customers.

Brake fluid is often one of the most neglected components of a vehicle, with many people focusing on tire pressure or engine oils instead. But brake fluid is essential for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and even some types of bicycles. Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid whose purpose is to transfer pressure from the driver’s foot on the petal to amplify braking force. This occurs when the calipers clamp the friction material against the disc, multiplying the foot’s pressure by the mechanical pedal ratio and hydraulic ratio of the master cylinders.

We know that proper functioning of brake fluid is crucial to the driver’s safety. When brake fluid is fresh, it is almost incompressible which means the brake system is working as best as possible. This is why it is important to rely on a brand of brake fluid you can trust. Overheated brake fluid can bring about issues caused by the boiling fluid producing bubbles and leading to a soft brake pedal. In other cases, overheated brake fluid can even necessitate the driver pumping the brake pedal to get any traction.

With 100% free shipping all of the time, we know you’re going to love working with us. Our customer service is top-notch and is why our loyal customers depend on us to save them time and money on their oils and lubricants.

Please contact us today to place an order for the brake fluid you need or give us a call if you aren’t sure what exactly you are looking for. We would be happy to help!

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