Inventory Express supports the varied needs of our clients in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara with our over 25 years of expert oil and lubricant industry experience. We provide industrial grade electrical contact cleaners to guarantee your machinery stays up to date and functioning well. Navigating brands and products can be difficult and confusing, which is why we’re here to help you find the contact cleaner you need without any unnecessary hassle.

What is Electrical Contact Cleaner?

Electrical Contact Cleaner is a chemical cleaning solution designed to keep moving surfaces clean and contaminant-free. Contact cleaners remove dust and grease without excessive scrubbing or washing. Rinsing after product use is recommended, but the high-pressure aerosol will reach the difficult to see places with minimal effort or exertion. Without frequent device maintenance, the overall machine performance can decrease and pose a safety risk.

Extend the Overall Working Life of Your Industrial Equipment

The electrical resistance in devices can increase with the presence of contaminants in the switches, connectors, relays or small motors. Electrical contact cleaners can be used on a variety of industrial equipment, including those made of rubber, metal, and several plastics. Contact cleaners will lubricate devices and extend their overall working life, providing you the best use of your equipment.

Industrial Use Kleen-Flo Electrical Contact Cleaner

Inventory Express carries contact cleaners from Kleen-Flo for high quality, nonflammable machine care. If you have any questions or concerns with your equipment or what product would best serve your needs, our expert staff can help assure you of what’s best for your specific situation.

Features of Kleen-Flo Contact Cleaner

You should always research the products you intend to utilize before using them on your equipment. Electrical contact cleaners can have a variety of characteristics that will affect their overall performance. Kleen-Flo contact cleaners are non-flammable making them perfect for use on alternators, distributors, switches, relays and small electrical motors. Kleen-Flo contact cleaner can also be used to remove oil, fluid, grease and dust from brake systems and is suitable for airbrake components.

Bulk Delivery Services Across Southwestern & Midwestern Ontario

Inventory Express is always open to new and returning clients with a complete customer service satisfaction guaranteed. With free delivery on every bulk order and quality customer service, we will work with you to save your company unnecessary expenses while you shop for your oil, lubricant and electrical contact cleaner needs. 

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