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Keep Your Equipment Safe and Running Smoothly

Professionals across several industries can agree that keeping an engine clean is an essential component of maintaining a vehicle. Engine shampoo works to easily remove dust, salt, grease, and grime from the outer engine, not only extending the life of the vehicle but helps make the components under the hood look brand new. When looking to deep clean or detail a vehicle, invest in a specialized engine shampoo that is designed specifically to keep grease and dirt out of the engine. At Inventory Express, we offer a variety of top-of-the-line engine shampoo options that are designed specifically to degrease and clean engines to keep them running efficiently.

What are Engine Shampoos?

Engine shampoos are cleaning products designed to break down tough grease, dust, and salt that can build up on an engine. Without regular and proper cleaning with a quality engine shampoo, heat can get more easily trapped in the engine or components around the engine, causing vehicles can overheat and deteriorate over time.

How are Engine Cleaners Used?

Engine cleaners are typically sprayed over the surface of the engine and surrounding parts under the hood of a vehicle or machine. Often, it’s best to leave the solution on the engine for 1-2 minutes as it works to break down the tough-to-remove grease and grime. After several minutes, simply rinse the solution off with water, along with any accumulated grime. This said, instructions may vary from product to product, so it’s always recommended to follow the instructions on the bottle. While it’s not recommended for use on chemically sensitive or painted surfaces, you can use engine shampoo to keep your engines gleaming clean and functioning more efficiently.

Who can Benefit from the Use of Engine Shampoo?

Engine cleaners and shampoos are used across multiple industries: from industrial, to manufacturing, heavy-duty construction, agriculture, and more. Engine shampoo works to make engines run more efficiently while extending the life of the machinery, whether heavy farming equipment, fleet vehicles, construction vehicles, or otherwise.

High-Quality Engine Degreaser Brands

At Inventory Express, we provide a wide selection of engine shampoo products, including name-brand oil and lubrication products that you recognize and trust, including:

  • Inventory Express Brand Premium Engine Shampoo
  • Shell Engine Degreaser and Shampoo
  • Castrol Engine Shampoo

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