High quality fogging oil from Inventory Express being used on engine

What is Fogging Oil?  

Fogging oil is an aerosol that allows users to spray oil into their engines. The oil provides both lubrication and corrosion resistance, which makes it especially great for use on engines that will be inoperable for extended periods of time. The special formula that the oil consists of provides long-term protection for engines. From chainsaws to four-stroke motors and car engines, this oil has a wide application of usages. 

Benefits of Fogging Oil  

Engine fogging oil allows customers to store their motorized items without having to worry about their engines corroding or seizing after being stored. The oil has anti-corrosive properties and will protect the engines with a coating that prevents oxidation from occurring. Additionally, by lining engines with coatings that provide lubrication, the engines will start instantaneously and properly after they have sat in storage. 


Any industry can use this fogging oil, but it is especially great for industries that rely on machinery and motorized equipment that are not used frequently. As these pieces of equipment sit, they are susceptible to the damaging effects of oxidation. However, by spraying the aerosol oil into the engines of the machines, oxidation can be completely prevented. The lubrication that the oil provides will ensure that the machines are ready to start when they are needed. 

Industrialmanufacturingconstruction, and agricultural customers will benefit from fogging oil. However, the oil’s application is not limited to customers who use heavy-duty machinery. This oil can be used in items with small motors, like chainsaws and lawn mowers, or in cars and trucks as well. 

Fogging Oil Bulk Delivery  

At Inventory Express, we take pride in the products and services that we offer to our customers. That’s why we make sure that our products are designed, tested, and used well, ensuring the longevity of your machines. Contact us today if you would like help with deciding which fogging oil product is right for you. 

Feel free to contact us to setup a bulk delivery for your business. We cater to the many businesses of the Southwestern Ontario region and will gladly set you up with a delivery that works for you. 

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