Any engine needs regular cleaning and maintenance to run at full power. At Inventory Express, we deliver powerful injector cleaners to large-scale industries in Southern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara to flush out engine gunk and keep your equipment in top-notch shape.

What are Injector Cleaners?

Injector cleaners are special fluids designed to clean out particles that clog up your machine’s fuel system. All sections of the fuel system – injectors, filters, fuel pumps, etc – tend to develop engine sludge over time, as various heavier particles accumulate. This corrodes the engine and hurts its performance and fuel economy. Injector cleaners flush out this harmful sludge to get your engine running at full strength.

Industrial Uses for Injector Cleaners

Injector cleaners can be used on any industrial fuel system and can significantly increase performance and help maintain the engine. They are primarily used to remove engine sludge, stale fuel, particulates, and solid deposits in industrial equipment. These buildups also tend to cause corrosion over time, so it’s important to regularly flush out your engine with injector cleaners.

Injector Cleaners for Industrial Manufacturers

We deliver injector cleaners primarily to industrial manufacturers in fields such as heavy-duty production, construction, and agriculture. However, any industry that requires heavy-duty, fuel-powered machinery will need powerful solvents to clean and maintain their equipment. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts if you’re looking into injector cleaners for your machinery!

Work with Top-Quality Kleen-Flo Products

Here at Inventory Express, we focus on Kleen-Flo as our top choice for injector cleaners. Their Injector Kleen brand of cleaner uses a powerful mix of solvents to clean out your engine and leave it brand-new. As a trusted brand Canadian brand, Kleen-Flo has been keeping engines running for close to 70 years and continues to deliver top-notch products internationally.

Bulk Injector Cleaner Delivery

Inventory Express gives free shipping on hundreds of industrial-scale lubricants in Southern Ontario! If you’re looking for expert oil and lubricant products to help clean and maintain your equipment, Inventory Express has your back. Give us a call at 519-473-5037 or visit our contact page today!

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