Automotive Oil Absorbent Materials to Keep Your Workspace Safe

Delivery of Bulk Oil Absorbent Products in Southwestern OntarioAbsorbent materials are a first line of defense against spilled fluids. At Inventory Express, we understand the need to keep your work space and your environment clean. We provide a variety of oil absorbent materials designed to protect against the spill of dangerous fluids when working and operating. Synthetic and conventional oil, hydraulics oil, brake fluid — all of these can potentially cause a hazard.

Oil Absorbent Pads

Frequently, absorbent materials are used as protection during routine processes such as oil changes. But they can also be used to protect against leaks. The majority of oil absorbent materials consist of thick, absorbent pads. These pads are either placed over spills or under leaks to quickly wick up the liquid in question. They must then be disposed of properly — a task that Inventory Express can advise you on.

How to Know What Oil Absorbent Material is Right for Your Business?

Which type of absorbent material is right for your business will depend on your company’s needs — which liquids need to be cleaned, whether they need to be cleaned regularly, and what volume of liquid is expected. Our technicians are more than knowledgeable about a wide variety of absorbent materials, ranging from those used to provide minor leak protection to those used to clean up large, emergency spills. We can tell you exactly what you need… and save you money on the purchase.

Our cost-effective selection of oil absorbent materials is only one of our diverse oil & lubricant inventory. From non-detergent oils to hydraulics fluids, we are able to provide all of the industrial oils & lubricants that businesses in Ontario need. Our centrally located warehouse in London, Ontario, means a fast dispatch, and our experienced employees help you get the right equipment every time.

The Purpose of Oil Absorbents

Our oil absorbents are our most common type of absorbent product, designed to absorb and contain oil that may have been either leaked or spilled. Without properly containing this oil, it can leech into the environment and even lead to hefty fines for a commercial enterprise. Oil spills can also be dangerous on a practical level — they are slick and easy to slip on. Through the use of our oil absorbent materials, you can safely contain and dispose of this hazard.

At Inventory Express, we can help you find the absorbent materials that will work right for your location. . Contact us today at 1-866-988-5037 to find out more about the materials we sell and how they are most effectively used.

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