Oil Stabilizers

London-based Inventory Express carries a wide range of oil stabilizers for your shop or automotive business. We are a one stop shop for all your oil & lubricant needs. With both brand name and premium house brand, we can guarantee we’ve got what you need.

If you need a shipment of oil stabilizers, save time and money by ordering a delivery from Inventory Express! We serve clients in many types of industries including machinery operators, automotive repair shops, agricultural industry, and fleet operators.

Why Oil Stabilizers are Important for your Machinery or Vehicle

Oil stabilizers are petroleum products that were developed to extend the life of your engine and improve performance. Oil Stabilizers are usually added to engine or transmission oils during routine oil changes. Because this mixture is much slicker than transmission oil, stabilizers can decrease friction and the resulting heat production in your engine.

Oil stabilizers are engineered to increase your oil life, reduce oil consumption, eliminate dry starts, raise oil pressure, and even increase power and miles per gallon. This all equates to keeping money in your pocket.

You should consider using an oil stabilizer if:

  • You have fuel dilution
  • You have coolant saturation
  • Your oil has an increasing number of wear metals
  • To address worn Gear Box issues
  • To delay repairs on badly worn engines

The ratio of oil stabilizer to oil will depend on your application. For most applications, a product ratio of 60% to 80% is recommended. Oil Stabilizers can also be very useful as an assembly lube because it clings well to metal engine parts.

Selecting the Right Oil Stabilizer

At Inventory Express, we carry a range of products to suit any application, including brands such as:

  • Shrader Canada
  • Kleen Flo

Our team consists of experts with knowledge on every product in our inventory and will be able to assist in helping you make accurate decisions prior to placing an order with us. Call us at 519 473 5037 for a recommendation, or browse our full list of bulk oils & lubricants.

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