Racing Fluids

At Inventory Express, we are proud to carry the region’s largest selection of racing fluids, including full lines of racing oil and lubrication products. We carry a large assortment of brake fluids and transmission fluids from the racing industry’s leading brands and provide reliable delivery of lubrication products throughout Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara.

Racing Fluids vs. Standard Car Fluids

Everyday standard vehicle oil is used to help protect your engine in regular, non-extreme conditions. However, vehicles with specially designed racing engines require much more attention and care and specially formulated oils that can withstand the high temperatures and speeds that these high-speed vehicles face. Racing fluids contain a higher level of anti-wear additives that are not typically included in your regular automotive oils.

High-Performance Lubrication Products

Racing Brake Fluid

To get the most out of your high-performance vehicle or motorcycle, it’s important to properly maintain parts using the appropriate lubrication products like a high-quality brake fluid. Brake fluid helps the vehicle perform under pressure – without it, you wouldn’t be able to properly apply pressure and stop when you need it most.

Racing Oils

Motorcycles and high-performance vehicles require specially formulated lubricants to withstand rigorous use. Racing oils are specially formulated to protect the engine and improve performance.

Not All Synthetic Oils Are Created Equally

There are so many different synthetics oils and lubricants on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly which oil is best for your high-performance vehicle. It’s important to know that these types of vehicles contain engines that require the specially-designed lubricants and not your standard synthetic oils. These unique fluids are specially designed to uphold the integrity of your engine without removing from the power and speed you expect.

To find out exactly what lubrication product you need for your motorcycle or race car, talk to the experts at Inventory Express. They have the expertise and insights to help you choose the right lubricants for your vehicle.

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