When industry professionals think of Canadian lubrication products, they often think of premium products, like Shrader Canada Lubricants. Canadians know the brand for their outstanding lubricants such as chain lube, battery terminal protector fluid, penetrating fluid, fogging oil, and other quality oil and lubricants. Shrader Canada serves a wide range of industries throughout Canada, and Inventory Express is proud to supply these high-quality lubricants to businesses throughout Southwestern Ontario. 

The Story Behind Shrader Canada

Shrader Canada is a private label manufacturer that supplies both standard and custom lubricants and chemicals to industries across Canada. They offer quality oils and fuel additives that improve performance, heavy-duty cleaners, oil and grease lubricants, appearance products, and cooling system supplies. Shrader Canada serves automotive, marine, industrial, motorcycle, bicycle, and OEM markets. Inventory Express is proud to supply customers with the pinnacle of lubricants through the fine people at Shrader Canada Lubricants. 

Top Shrader Canada Lubricants

  • Chain Lubricant

    The top-performing and most popular product from Shrader Canada Lubricants, is their chain lube. Designed to help exposed roller chains and wire cables slide right, reducing friction and preventing corrosion. 

  • Battery Terminal Protector

Their battery terminal protector offers reliable and superior protection from battery acid, which can build up on battery terminals and cable ends.  

  • Penetrating Fluids

Dealing with rust and corrosion helps free metal fasteners, bushings, press-fit connectors, and Shrader Canada’s penetrating fluid is perfect for this industrial chore.  

  • Fogging Oil

Finally, their pronominal fogging oil prevents corrosion while storing an engine. Shrader Canada Lubricants offers their unique formula for internal engine components during storage and elongated periods of inactivity. 

Order Shrader Canada Lubricants from Inventory Express

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art products from Shrader Canada Lubricants, know that Inventory Express is only a phone call away. As an industry leader in supplying bulk industrial-scale lubricants and oils, Inventory Express knows that their customers value the quality of Shrader Canada Lubricants.  

Get in touch with the team at Inventory Express today for fast and reliable bulk lubricant delivery in Southwestern Ontario.  

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