High Performance Thread Adhesion

Threadlocker fluids are designed to keep threads adequately locked into place, filling the gaps in the threads, and bonding the nut to the bolt. Threadlocker liquid forms a strong bond when applied between two mating threads and is known to play a critical role in maintaining industrial machines, as it reduces machine vibration movement, while preventing rust and machine wear.

Benefits of Threadlocker Fluid

Thread-locking fluid is highly reliable, cost effective, and dramatically improves various aspects of machines when applied during assembly. For example, a common use of thread-locking fluid is to increase manufacturing capacity by applying the thread-locking fluid to machines before operation. Doing this will improve your machine’s torque and load capacity by creating a stronger bond. Even in extreme conditions, such as higher temperatures, thread-locking fluid delivers a strong adhesion to connective parts, reducing friction and machine vibration, often extending the lifespan of the machine itself.

What Industries Use Threadlocker Fluid?

Industrial machines, including construction, transportation, and manufacturing, need thread-locking fluid. Washers and nuts in these industries face wear and tear from heavy loads and harsh conditions, so to ensure that threads do not come loose and cause machines to wear, it’s important to invest in a high-quality thread-locking fluid to keep industrial machines operating in peak-performance.

Choosing the Right Kind of Threadlocker Fluid

There are several different types of thread-locking fluid, dependent on the strength of bond needed and application it’s being used for. At Inventory Express, we offer several types of thread-locking fluid, including: 

  • Light duty threadlocker 
  • Medium strength threadlocker
  • High Strength threadlocker  
  • Removable threadlocker 

The total curing time differs between each type of threadlocker, and there are additional thread-locking fluid options available for different temperatures and various torques. 

High-Quality Threadlocker Fluid

Inventory Express offers high performance threadlocker fluid, in popular brands that are known for their quality, such as Vibra Tite. Vibra Tite VC fluid sticks threads together without the help of air, and the fluids rapidly dry and adhere to the threads, creating a strong bond. Vibra Tite works with many surfaces, such as wood and plastic, all types of fastenings work with their products, and they even work underwater. 

Inventory Express Offers Bulk Delivery

If you are in need of bulk fluid, oils, or lubricants, we’re here to help. Inventory Express serves Southwestern Ontario with the best industrial fluids available in bulk delivery. To book your bulk threadlocker & thread-locking fluid delivery, contact the professionals at Inventory Express today. 

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