Transmission Flush

Inventory Express is proud to carry the largest selection of oil and lubrication products in London, ON. That includes products to perform transmission maintenance such as a transmission flush. We carry the industry’s leading brands, so you can rest assured you’re using the right products for your vehicle.

What Is Transmission Flushing?

A transmission flush is the process of having every bit of oil currently in one’s car flushed out and replaced entirely with brand new fluids. There is a slight amount of controversy behind the procedure. Some people believe that a few issues can arise while having your car flushed, but most people usually agree that it’s a helpful procedure that prolongs your vehicle’s lifespan and performance.

Some of the issues that people fear can accompany a flush are grime and blockage moving to another part of the car and causing a bigger problem, or the pressure of the tools used to pump cleaner through the lines could rupture the lines. That sounds like a horrible thing to happen, but flushing is generally considered to be a safe and helpful procedure in maintaining your vehicle’s engine.

Be sure to check the manual of the vehicle you’re working on before having a transmission flush done. It will let you know just how often it needs to be done to prevent you from waiting too long or doing it too frequently.

Industry Leading Products from Inventory Express

At Inventory Express, we have a selection of the very best in flushing oils and cleaning chemicals. Products from high-quality brands like Valvoline, Shell, Peak, and other trusted brands can be found in our warehouse. By supplying customers with the very best in materials, our customers can expect their oil flushes or changes to be the most effective that they can be.

Inventory Express specializes in bulk oils and lubricant delivery. This ensures that we can provide lower rates than our competitors for our high-quality products and makes us the perfect place to purchase your supplies. Whether you’re a small mechanic shop, or a larger construction business servicing a fleet of vehicles, we can meet your needs for fluids at reasonable rates.

For more information about choosing the right transmission flush products for your industry, contact our team of lubrication experts at Inventory Express.

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