Fluid FilmFluid Film Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor

At Inventory Express, we carry the area’s largest selection of oil and lubrication products around, so you can trust that we always have the right product on hand to get the job done. That includes premiere rust and corrosion inhibitor like Fluid Film. Keep your tools and parts free of rust with the industry’s most trusted brand of corrosion inhibitor.

The First Choice for Rust Prevention for Over 60 Years

Fluid Film has been the first choice is rust inhibitor’s for over 60 years. Trusted by some of the largest organizations around, such as The US Coast Guard, John Deere, NASA, Delta Airlines and the Department of Defense. Fluid Film was first developed by a chemist from the West Coast as an effort to help battle the expensive and time consuming maintenance of combat vessels in World War II. Fluid Film did just that and provided a long-lasting and economical solution.

Safe and Ecological Solution for Corrosion Control

This family-owned and operated business continue to develop and improve their already impressive line of rust inhibitors. They provide a variety of solutions for almost every industry setting, including agricultural, industrial, raw-terrain construction and even space! Their products are proven to be the most effective corrosion control product while maintaining their non-toxic/non-hazardous stamp of approval.

Fluid Film Rust Control Products

Fluid Film offers a wide-selection of rust control products including:

  • Fluid Film Rust Inhibitor (Spray and Liquid Applications)
  • Liquid A
  • Liquid AR
  • WRO-EP
  • WRN-EP
  • GEL-BW

For more information about the extensive selection of rust control products from Fluid Film, talk to the team of experienced professionals at Inventory Express. They recommend the right product for the job and provide fast and from friendly delivery of oil and lubrication products throughout Southwestern Ontario.