Shell Motor Oil for bulk delivery across Southwestern Ontario from Inventory ExpressOffering Shell Motor Oil for Delivery in Southwestern Ontario

At Inventory Express, our commitment to deliver top-quality oils & lubricants to customers across Southwestern Ontario and the Niagara region makes us proud to be a supplier of Shell Motor Oil and industrial products.

Industry-Leading Motor Oils from Shell

Shell Motor Oil is considered the number one lubricant supplier in the world and delivers market-leading lubricants to customers in the automotive industry in over a hundred different countries. Shell’s lubrication products contain technological innovations to give you the best formula possible for your vehicles or industrial machinery.

Shell’s History of High-Performance Motor Oil

Shell has been creating reputable industrial and automotive lubricants since 1891. In 1907 the company merged with a Dutch company to form the Royal Dutch Shell Group. They began transitioning the business into what it is today – offering a globally recognized brand of high-performing lubricants and oils for motor vehicles.

Providing High-Efficiency Engine Oil

Today, Shell has carved out a name for themselves in the oil and industry with the advanced lubricants and industrial motor oils they produce. The company strives to meet the world’s energy demand in a responsible and sustainable way, which is why safety and environmental social responsibility define everything they do.

The Downstream Division of the company focuses on turning crude oil into a wide range of refined products which are sold for domestic, transport and industrial use. Their motor oils and lubricants are broken down into three categories.

Shell Motor Oils & Lubricants for Delivery

Whatever type of oil or lubricant product you require, Shell has the products that can deliver the performance you need. At Inventory Express, we’re proud to provide Ontario businesses with an outstanding selection of automotive engine oils and lubrication products from Shell, including:

Formula Shell Car Engine Oils

Shell Advance Motorcycle Engine Oils

  • 4-stroke motorcycle oils
  • 2-stoke motorcycle oils
  • 4-stroke scooter oils
  • Racing engine oils

Shell Rotella Truck & Heavy Duty Engine Oils

  • Fully synthetic oils
  • Synthetic technology oils
  • Mineral oils

Order Shell Motor and Engine Oils For Delivery from Inventory Express

Inventory Express provides prompt and professional bulk oil delivery of Shell Motor Oils and lubricants. We provide a wide range of packaging options such as barrels, pails and jugs to suit the unique needs of your business.

To see a full range of the Shell motor oil products we carry, please visit our products page. Or, get in touch with our team today to schedule a bulk oil delivery.