Sprayon Lubricants in London, ON

Sprayon Lubrication Products

Inventory Express is proud to offer the largest selection of lubrications in Southwestern Ontario at our London, ON warehouse. We carry oil and lubrication solution for almost every application from the industry’s leading manufacturer such as Sprayon. Sprayon offers a wide range of industrial lubricants and high-performance solutions.

High-Performance MRO Solutions

Sprayon has been delivering high-performance lubricants, cleaners and degreases since 1968. They have established themselves as the leading provider in MRO solutions, providing innovative and advanced products that withstand rigorous use. Sprayon creates their products with industrial maintenance professionals in mind, ensuring they always meet the industry standards.

Sprayon’s Focus Is on The Customer

Sprayon’s product focus is on the customer and providing solutions that they can rely on. They want their products to help customers be more efficient and productive as well as provide them with profitable maintenance solutions. Their products are proven to help protect and preserve valuable equipment and avoid costly breakdown and repair downtime.

Sprayon MRO Products

Sprayon delivers a wide range of product and solutions in the MRO space including:

  • Industrial lubricants
  • Electrical cleaners and degreasers
  • Industrial cleaners and degreasers
  • Industrial welding products
  • Industrial mold release products
  • Specialty industrial products

Sprayon Featured Programs

Sprayon offers a wide-range of products to meet the needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities such as:

Sprayon® 5S System

Created to help ensure the right Sprayon products is used for the right industrial application.

NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants

High-performance food-grade lubricant for food processing facilities.

Insulating Varnish

Created to protect and insulate electrical work and projects.

LIQUI-SOL™ Non-Aerosol Spray Program

A reusable lubricant solution that features a non-flammable propellant.

For more information about our selection of industrial lubricants from Sprayon and our bulk oil delivery services, contact the friendly and reliable team at Inventory Express today.

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