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Inventory Express carries a large selection of Total oils and lubricants for a wide range of local industries including farming, industrial, automotive and construction.

World Leading in Engine Oils

Founded after the First World War, Total is now one of the largest oil companies worldwide and is involved in nearly every facet of the oil and gas chain of production. From crude oil, natural gas and power generation. Total has continued to evolve and provide advanced oil and lubrication products worldwide. They continue to be the world’s leading oil and gas producers and are also creating a number of renewable energy products.

Total Lubricants and Products

Total’s engine oils are known for their excellence and are trusted by industry leaders. Their products are heavily tested and promise to deliver outstanding protection against engine wear and corrosion. From synthetic oils to semi-synthetic, to conventional oils, Total’s selection of products covers almost every engine and vehicle.

Total Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Promotes better fuel economy
  • Prevents against corrosion
  • Optimizes performance
  • Increases engine life

Total Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Created to increase fuel economy through reduced oil consumption
  • Engineered for modern gasoline-powered cars, light trucks and SUV’s
  • Protects against engine sludge
  • Provides optimum vehicle performance
  • Leads to prolonged engine life

Total Conventional Motor Oils

  • Reduces oil leakage and consumption for high mileage vehicles
  • Exceeds warranty requirements for gasoline engines
  • Exceptional engine wear protection
  • Proven to reduce engine sludge

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