Vibra-Tite Supplies and Distribution

Vibra-TiteInventory Express supplies and delivers the full range of Vibra-Tite adhesives, sealants, anaerobic bonding agents, and other specialty products to Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara.

Vibra-Tite’s Lineup of Products

Vibra-Tite is known for manufacturing many chemical products used in construction and industrial applications. Its thread lockers and thread sealants secure metal pipes and guard them against galling, loosening, rust-lock, and corrosion. The company’s line of retaining compounds is designed to increase the sheer strength on non-threaded, cylindrical, metal assembly parts. Vibra-Tite also engineers a range of adhesive and bonding products in the form of cyanoacrylates, epoxies, hot melts, light cure adhesives and more.

Vibra-Tite creates high-quality products that can be purchased at a cost savings of up to 40% on the competition. The company’s in-house team of scientists is constantly perfecting chemical compounds to bring their customers the best products on the market.

Choose Inventory Express for all your Vibra-Tite Product Delivery Needs

Inventory Express is a trusted distributor of Vibra-Tite products from our central warehouse in London, Ontario. Our service can save you money on all your Vibra-Tite delivery needs.

In addition to Vibra-Tite’s adhesive and thread-protection products, we also stock a wide range of machine and vehicle lubricants, oils and accessories. Visit our supplier page to see the full list of companies whose products we supply.

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