WD-40Castrol Motor Oil

No shop or barn is complete without WD-40. As Midwestern Ontario’s preferred bulk oils & lubricants supplier, Inventory Express, in London, Ontario, has what you need from manufacturers customers trust.

The original, ingenious WD-40 Multi-Use product was invented over 60 years ago in San Diego, California where the WD-40 Company is headquartered today. Still working hard, offering a full line of professional grade product formulated to do one thing: Perform. Whether it is protecting metal from corrosion, displacing moisture, removing grease & grime from surfaces, lubrication, or penetrating stuck parts, WD-40 performs.

Uses of WD-40

WD-40 drives out moisture, protects, frees sticky mechanisms, loosens rusted parts, lubricates, removes and much, much more. WD-40 has practical uses in Automotive, Boating, Construction, HVAC, Industrial Repair and Overhaul, Farming, Home, Workshop, and quite frankly most any individual or industrial application where oils and lubricants are needed.

WD-40 has 5 convenient methods of application to tackle any job:

  • The Multi-Tasker. The basic straw attachment for most jobs.
  • The Enforcer. For wide area use.
  • The Soaker. To soak and penetrate parts to stop squeaks, loosen rusted parts, etc.
  • The Controller. An aerosol tip with an adjustable tip and trigger.
  • The Flexer. Provides the answer for those difficult to reach areas.

WD-40 at Inventory Express:

At Inventory Express, we supply the entire range WD-40 Specialty Oil & Lubricants, including:

  • WD-40 Multi-Use Product
  • WD-40 Specialist
  • WD-40 Bike
  • 3-IN-ONE Oil

For a complete listing of all WD-40 products we have in stock, or to schedule a delivery, call us at 519 473 5037.

Other Uses of WD-40

  • unsticking gum
  • softening leather
  • cleaning tile
  • lubricant for garden tools
  • scrubbing stains from stainless steel sinks
  • freeing stuck LEGOs
  • erasing crayon marks
  • preventing flower pots from sticking together when stacked
  • removing gooey residue from tape, tags, and stickers
  • removing stains from kitchen counters
  • shining the leaves of plastic plants
  • removing ink stains from blue jeans
  • waterproofing shoes
  • removing toothpaste stains in the bathroom
  • removing candle wax or glue from carpet
  • cleaning dead insects from cars
  • preventing mildew
  • preventing wasps from nesting
  • as a fishing lure