The Purpose of Tapping Fluid

Tapping fluid is a type of cutting fluid that is used with machines and tools when tapping or cutting metal. These fluids both maintain and preserve the tools by providing a layer of lubrication between the tools and the metal they are tapping. Our high-quality tapping fluids at Inventory Express work to reduce friction between tapping tools and the metal to extend the life and overall performance. 

Benefits of Tapping Fluid

1. Tapping Fluid Reduces Overheating

Tapping fluids increase the lifespans of tools by minimizing friction and, in turn, reduced the chance of overheating. It works by creating a layer of lubrication on tools that, with its cooling properties, increase the overall performance of your metalworking tools.  

2. Cut More Precisely with Tapping Fluid

There are several other secondary advantages that are also provided by tapping fluids, which may not be immediately realized by users. When using tapping fluid, metalworking tools are able to cut objects more precisely and effectively, as the reduction in heat allows for less metal warping. 

3. Increase Tool Lifespan with Tapping Fluid

Metalworking tools do not need to be sharpened as frequently when they are routinely used with tapping fluids. Tapping fluids prevent the tools from becoming dull as when used properly, less heat is produced with your tools, which in turn reduces the chances of warping. Additionally, the tapping fluid acts as a lubricant, allowing your metalworking tools to work more efficiently. 

Industrial Usage of Tapping Fluid

Tapping fluids can be used in any industry where tapping or metal cutting tools are used. Industries that deal heavily with machining and fabrication will benefit from using tapping fluids on their machinery.

Tapping fluids are especially beneficial for industries that are highly-regulated and deal with sensitive equipment. Tapping fluids can reduce the amount of bacteria that grows on tools, allowing the tools to require fewer cleanings.

Tapping Fluid and Cutting Fluid We Carry

We carry a variety of brands of tapping fluid, though one of the most popular brands that we have to offer is Castrol. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about our bulk oil and lubricant delivery and expect fast and friendly delivery each and every time. 

To see our full list of our oil & lubricant suppliers, visit the Suppliers page. 

Accessing Our Bulk Delivery Services

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