No matter the industry or machinery, gear lubricants are essential to prevent surface friction from wear and tear. Deciding on the specific type of gear lubricant that you need can be challenging when there are many options available. Here’s our guide on the most common types of gear lubricants.

What Are Gear Lubricants?

Gear lubricants are organic or synthetic oil-like substances used to minimize friction between mechanical components in engines including gear boxes, transmissions, differentials as well as drive axels. Gear lubricants are generally thicker in consistency in order to give added protection and dispersion. Not all gear lubricants are created the same. They differ in composition according to their mechanical application.

Gear lubricants and oils are vital to keep engines and heavy machinery running properly and to reduce wear and damage caused by friction and heavy use.

Common Types of Gear Lubricants

Anti-scuff Lubricants

These gear lubricants have added compounds that work to reduce scraping and drag on gears under both low and high temperatures and severe loading.

Compound Gear Oil

This type of lubricant is most often composed of a waxy base oil mixed with a fatty oil and is often used to protect worm gears.

R&O Gear Lubricants

Rust and oxidation lubricants inhibit wear and tear by minimizing oxidation and rust. They do not contain additives (unlike anti-scuff lubricants) and so generally are designed to perform well under low load conditions.

Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

These oils work to keep gear damage to a minimum when engines stop and restart. They work well with varying gear sizes and during temperature variables.

Synthetic Gear Oils

As the name suggests, synthetic gear oils are formulated from state-of-the-art additives and a fabricated base. They are often utilized when mineral-based gear oils are no longer effective, such as in meeting flammability standards and out-of-the-ordinary loads or temperatures.

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