Bar and Chain Oil

Any industry that makes use of chainsaws is going to need bar oil. That includes the timber industry, power companies for trees near electric lines, landscaping, firefighters and even sculptors. Bar oil is essential for those who use chainsaws because the contact between a chainsaw’s bar and chain means chain failure, increased engine load, and kickback without it.

What are Bar Oils?

Whether gas, electric, or battery, all chainsaws need bar and chain oil. Bar oil is a lubricant that reduces the friction of the contact between a chainsaw’s bar and chain. The oil’s base is vegetable or petroleum, and chainsaw users must fill a dedicated oil tank before using their machines. Be wary because the oil will come off of the chain and out into the environment. So, be sure to use a non-toxic type of oil, such as bar oil. Bar oil is necessary because even without other problems, the chainsaw will dull without it.

What Does Bar Oil Do?

The oil moves onto the bar from a reservoir, and the oil sticks to the chain as it runs. The oil is there to help keep the bar and chain in top condition because the friction between the bar and chain will eventually reduce the effectiveness of the chainsaw. Bar oils are vital to using a chainsaw because other types of oil are too thin to be effective, are more expensive, and are often toxic. Oil for a chainsaw is like any other oil. Without it, the user will destroy the chainsaw.

Popular Bar Oil Brands We Sell

Inventory Express dedicates itself to delivering the best bulk bar oils to industries in need. In particular, Inventory Express offers Castrol brand bar oil because those in industries that use the product select it repeatedly. So, if someone is in the market for bulk bar oil delivery, they will want only the best bar oil brand, which is precisely what Inventory Express offers. 

Bulk Bar Oil Delivery

Inventory Express offers bulk delivery services to businesses throughout Southern Ontario. Chainsaws cause plenty of friction. So, fight that friction by getting Inventory Express’s bulk oil and lubricant delivery service. Contact Inventory Express today to inquire about our bar oil products for chainsaws. 

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