Fluid FilmWhat Is a Rust Inhibitor?

Rust inhibitors are a type of corrosion inhibitor designed to help mediate the oxidization in metals that may be showing signs of rust. At Inventory Express, we carry a wide range of rust inhibitors and sprays to meet the needs of any equipment and application.

Rust inhibitors are used for a number of applications such as metal manufacturing and manufacturing of products that contain metal parts and components. Anti-rust sprays are applied via a spray solution in order to stop rust from forming while also providing a protective barrier for ongoing protection.

Features and Benefits of Rust Inhibitor Sprays

Rust inhibitors are a great tool to have on hand, here are a few key benefits to these products:

  • Rust inhibitor sprays protect against corrosion while providing lubrication
  • Rust inhibitors are deep penetrating and provide long-lasting rust protection
  • They protect new and old parts on your vehicle, such as in rocker panels and in the underside
  • Rust inhibitors also help to prevent against moving parts by lubricating in between narrow crevices

What’s the Difference Between Rust Inhibitors and Rust Preventatives?

Both products are used to protect against rusting, they are both created differently and ultimately are used in different applications.

Rust Inhibitor

A Water-based product that is used to protect parts from rusting between uses. Rust inhibitors are often used to provide short-term protection – typically around 30 days. However, humidity levels and frequency of use can affect the length of protection.

Rust Preventative

A rust preventative, on the other hand, is a heavier petroleum oil-based product that will provide a more long-term protective solution – typically 6 months to a year. Parts are dipped and coated with the protective film.

For more information about the various types of rust and corrosion inhibitors and bulk industrial oils, contact the lubrication specialists at Inventory Express.

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