Industrial Lubricants

Delivery of Bulk Industrial Lubricants in Southwestern OntarioInventory Express is a full-service oils & lubricants provider in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara. Our extensive industrial lubricant line-up includes house-brand and name-brand options. We know how valuable time and money are to your life and business. That is why we offer free delivery and expert advice to help you find the right lubricants or oils for your specific needs.

Industrial lubricants perform several important jobs. Their primary function is to reduce friction between two or more contacting surfaces. Friction prevents the surfaces from working smoothly at optimal levels and wastes energy. Lubricants also reduce temperatures resulting from the movement and friction of the moving parts. A good lubricant can also reduce wear and tear, which, in turn, reduces the drain and strain on the machine and its motor. Lubricants flow between surfaces and provide cushion and a barrier against damage, heat and corrosion.

How to Choose an Industrial Lubricant

Lubricants are available in several viscosities. The choice of which viscosity largely depends on stress, load and temperature of the operating machinery. For example, thicker lubricants can withstand higher temperatures and provide more cushion. Thinner lubricants flow faster but can break down under stressed loads. Today’s lubricants must function well at a spectrum of temperatures, for example, in vehicles during winter and summer months. If the wrong lubricant is used, the machine’s parts will not be properly protected, and damage can occur.

That is why research and innovation are important parts of lubricant design and creation. Many aspects must be considered when looking at proper lubrication, from machine type, speed of operation, temperature range and many other performance factors.

Lubricants can be made from synthetic, natural and petroleum ingredients. Petroleum-based lubricants have been around the longest. They tend to be sensitive to temperatures but are viscous and reliable. Synthetic lubricants are resistant to fire and perform well at colder temperatures. Many synthetic oils contain additives that help reduce corrosion and improve performance.

Industrial lubricants are an integral part of machine operation. Today’s machines are put under greater stresses than ever before. They are expected to perform at higher temperatures with longer run times and lower costs. Industrial lubricants will help to extend the life of your machinery and can reduce costs associated with maintenance.

Our Most Popular Industrial Lubricants

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