Way Lubricant

Way lubricant, also known as slide oil, is a type of hydraulic oil specially created to work on horizontal and vertical sliding components (known as slideways) on machine tools. Inventory Express provides bulk delivery of way lubricants in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, and Niagara.

The Benefits of Way Lube Oil

  • Has added thickening compounds that are formulated so that the lubricant sticks on horizontal and vertical surfaces without dripping
  • Protects equipment, reduces wear and tear on slideways and significantly cuts down on friction between parts to ensure smooth performance
  • Help to fight rust and corrosion and provide resistance to infiltration by water and coolants

Industries That Use Way Lubricant

Because metalworking requires extreme precision, the correct way lube oil goes a long way to enhance the performance of machine tools like grinders, planers, saws and drills. Any industry, whether large or small, that uses machine tools for metalworking benefits from using way lube oil. These trades include:

Popular Brands of Way Lube We Carry at Inventory Express

At Inventory Express, we pride ourselves on the brand-name way lubricants we carry, including way lube for large and small industry applications. Our suppliers include:

Trusted Professionals and Prompt Delivery of Way Lubricant

At Inventory Express, we are experts in oil and lubricant products and only supply premier brands for bulk delivery to our customers. We have over 30 years of experience providing quality service and prompt delivery throughout Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario and Niagara. If you have any questions about selecting a way lubricant for your business, just give us a call at 519-473-5037.

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