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Trust Inventory Express to provide bulk delivery of Kleen-Flo products. We carry a wide range of Kleen-Flo products for your business’ needs. If your business requires Kleen-Flo oil treatments, rustproofing products, or additives, Inventory Express will deliver them to your business or farm in Southwestern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, and Niagara.

A History of Trusted Oils and Lubricants

Over the course of 70 years, Kleen-Flo has supplied automotive and heavy-duty products designed to protect, enhance and improve the performance of equipment at home and in industry. At the top of Kleen-Flo’s priorities is a commitment to the research and development of new and improved products. 

Kleen-Flo Products Supplied by Inventory Express

Inventory Express is proud to stock and deliver these quality Kleen-Flo products:

Kleen-Flo Oil Treatment

This well-respected Kleen-Flo product is a synthetic additive that’s a powerhouse concentration that helps combat engine noise, smoke from oil burning and low compression.

Kleen-Flo’s Oil and Rustproofing Products

These include the brand’s hydraulic jack oil, an air tool oil to break down muck and gum in rotary and piston air tools and rustproofing products to prevent corrosion from the elements.

Kleen-Flo’s Black rustproofing formula is designed for use on the underside of vehicles while the Red formula works on the hood, trunk and other exteriors. 

Kleen-Flo Engine and Component Additives

Additives are designed to improve engine and component performance and provide a longer life for your engine and all its elements. Some of the Kleen-Flo line of additives include:

  • Engine Flush
  • Nitro-Kleen
  • Kleen-Flo Gas Treatment
  • Kleen Carb
  • Injector Kleen
  • Diesel Injector Kleen
  • Automatic Transmission Conditioner
  • Gas Treatment
  • Oil Max


Kleen-Flo has a line of permanent and removable threadlockers offering quick, strong solutions for fasteners up to an inch long that minimize the need for expensive locking mechanisms. 

Stock Up on Kleen-Flo Products at Inventory Express

Inventory Express is the source for Kleen-Flo products in Southwestern and Midwestern Ontario and Niagara. We offer bulk oil and lubricant delivery to industries large and small. It’s something we’ve been doing with pleasure for over 25 years and something that has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers. What’s more, our experts are only a phone call away and on hand to help you select the correct product to fit your needs. You can reach us at 519-473-5037 with questions and for help with your order.