At Inventory Express, we are proud to carry the industry’s most trusted brands and Canadian-made oils & lubricants, such as Recochem lubricants. They are a Canadian-based manufacturer of specialty functional fluids and Inventory Express is proud to carry and deliver their products as part of our extensive inventory of high-quality oil, lubricants and accessories.

Recochem Lubrication Products Manufactured in Canada

Canadian-based, Recochem has coast to coast production abilities. They have been manufacturing oil and lubrication products for over 30 years and continue to expand their product offering. Since they began developing lubrication products, they have been researching and improving their products continuously, to allow for sustained growth and innovation. Their product offering is extensive, and they have a selection of products and accessories for almost every industrial need.

Trusted by Top Lubricant Brands

Recochem not only creates innovative oil and lubricants for their own line of products, but they also work regularly with larger brands to create lubrication products for other big-name brands. Recochem is involved in many trusted partnerships; their outstanding industry reputation has allowed them to develop licensing agreements with high-profile businesses around the world. They are trusted in the industry, and they continue to provide great products at a fair price point.

Recochem Products Available at Inventory Express

Recochem offers over 100 different lubricant products in a variety of packaging formats to suit a wide range of specific industry needs. Here are some of the products available from Recochem:

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