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Using the right lubricant is important for the longevity and functionality of your vehicles and equipment. That is why Inventory Express offers only top-of-the-line brands and products. As a leading supplier of premium oils & lubricants in Southwestern Ontario, we are proud to offer Valvoline brand products.
Valvoline was founded in 1886 by Dr John Ellis. He developed a petroleum-based lubricant for steam engines that could withstand elevated temperatures without getting gummy or corroding. From there, Valvoline led the motor oil industry in innovation, starting with their ground-breaking motor X-18 oil in 1939, so named because it eliminated the need for 18 other lubricants. It became one of the first all-purpose lubricants ever created.
Valvoline has one of the most advanced engine lab facilities, allowing them opportunities to innovate in ways that other companies cannot. They market, produce and distribute lubricants and oils for a global market, providing services to manufacturers, dealers and retailers. They operate and own a chain of quick-lube service stations, ranking second by number of stores. They are also the third largest motor oil brand for passenger cars in the United States.
Valvoline strives to reduce costs and improve performance for vehicles and machinery in industrial and private applications. They were one of the first name brands in the lubricant industry and have continued to offer high-quality, premium oils and lubricants for over 140 years. They continually improve their formulas to work better and longer under tougher conditions.

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Buying oil & lubricants from Inventory Express is the easiest way to save your business money. Our extensive experience and friendly service are unmatched in Southwestern Ontario. We only offer top-quality, brand-name or premium house-brand lubricants. We provide a wide range of products and sizes for all applications. Browse our products page, or call us for specialised assistance.